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Resources for Differentiation Workshop Autumn 2015

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Resources for Spring Course 2013


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Strategies for Literacy


Bingo Templates


Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders can be played by using any of the question sets that you make. Simply print the questions out onto card, or if you don't like chopping up card, print them onto labels and stick them onto flash cards! The same question cards can be used both  for bingo and for Snakes and Ladders. Two for the price of one. Now that's good value!

You will then need to print out the snakes and ladders board. Download the template below and laminate. It is fine in A4 but you will need to use the smaller counters. Print in A3 if you have access to an A3 printer.

Template for Snakes and Ladders Board


iQuiz Templates



Question Cube



Tagxedo Samples


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Nutritive Value of Egg Link Link
Cigarettes Link Link
Dietetic Value of Cheese Link Link


Wordle Samples


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Healthy Living Wordle Link Link


Sample Posters


Nutrition Keyword Poster Sample Listening Poster  



Placemat Technique




Other Resources for Literacy


Q notes are a form of graphic orgniser that are useful to use with leaving cert students. Q notes combines two well-known and powerful methods:  SQ3R and Cornell Notes.  It is  called  “Q-Notes” because students  write Questions in the left-hand margin. When students are  preparing for a Quiz or as revision, the Questions serves as CUES to remind them of what they need to  know.  When using these notes as study aids,  students can fold the right edge of the paper over so that it lines up with the dotted line.  They can then see  questions in the Q-column which they can use these as a self assessment tool.



Websites to Improve Literacy

Website Details
Dolceta Dolceta consumer online website
puzzlemaker Lots of different types of puzzles to make
wordleaner  Crosswords, wordsearches, bingo, matching and more
wordsearches Make you own wordsearch
pppst Good maths images and ideas
IXL Interactive revision site for maths - covers all topics
Skillwise Educational website to improve literacy and numeracy in adults
Quizlet Flashcards, Games and Test
Studystack Flashcards, Matching, Crosswords , Test, Quiz
Wordle Create your own Word Cloud
Tagxedo Create your own Word Shape
Question Cube Create a question cube using Blooms Taxomony