Junior Cycle - Business Studies

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The Consumer


Syllabus Page 7
Guidelines Pages 11 - 15
  Teaching Resources Learning Outcomes Keywords
  The Consumer Powerpoint The Consumer Consumer Wordle
  Making a Complaint Powerpoint    
  Protecting the Consumer Powerpoint    
  Letter of Complaint template (goods)    
  Letter of Complaint template (services)    
  Sale of Goods and Supply of Services
Act 1980 Booklet
  Labelling Case Study    
  Making a Complaint    

National Consumer Agency is now the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and all resources for schools can now be accessed at the website below:




To access all of the sites resources you need to be set up with teacher access i.e.  a username and password. Therefore email the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission at http://ccpc.ie/get-touch requesting a username and password aligned to your email address.


Without access, by simply clicking on the link, users can view a good deal of the content, but will be denied access to the teachers resource area.

The Informed Consumer Lesson 1 Powerpoint Lesson 1 Worksheet Lesson 1 Plan
Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980,
part 1
Lesson 2 Powerpoint Lesson 2 Worksheet Lesson 2 Plan
Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980,
part 2
Lesson 3 Powerpoint Lesson 3 Worksheet Lesson 3 Plan
Consumer Problems and Complaining Lesson 4 Powerpoint Lesson 4 Worksheet Lesson 4 Plan
Consumer Protection Act 2007 Lesson 5 Powerpoint Lesson 5 Worksheet Lesson 5 Plan
Review Lesson 6 Powerpoint Lesson 6 Worksheet Lesson 6 Plan
  Definitions Quizlet Quiz
  Making a Complaint Graphic Organiser   Consumer Quiz
Past Exam Questions Higher Level Section A HL  Section B HL
  Ordinary Level Section A OL  Section B OL
  Consumer Crossword Consumer Wordsearch  
  Competition and  Consumer Protection Commission http://www.ccpc.ie 
  Consumers' Association of Ireland http://thecai.ie/ 
  Consumer Protection Act 2007 Overview http://www.ccpc.ie/compliance-business/consumer-protection-law-how-does-it-apply-me-and-my-business