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Welcome to the CURRICULUM RESOURCES section for Junior Cycle Business Studies. For ease of access, this section of the PDST website contains several sub-pages.


The Business Studies curriculum is made up of four main topics.  Click on a topic below to access material for that topic.


Some topics contains sub-topic pages as per the Business Studies syllabus.






5 East Glendalough School JC Business Resources


A short simple integrated approach to bookkeeping.

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General Business Studies Resources:

Subject Department Planning Resources
All of the documents below are templates that should be modified to reflect the situation in each individual school.
Table of Contents Business Department Details

Record of CPD

Subject Department Meetings

Action Minutes


Sample Policies
Special Needs Non English Speaking Students


Homework Assessment

Professional Development

Cross Curricular Links for Business

Health and Safety

Curriculum Content

Sample Draft Business Studies Collaborative Resource Hyperlinked Plan

Subject Analysis
Accounting Business


Business Studies LCVP Link Modules

Analysis of State Exams Template 

Subject Inspections

A guide to incidental inspection

Teacher Reflection

Checklist for Teacher Self-Evaluation