Leading DEIS Planning: A Data & Research-Informed Approach


Leading DEIS Planning: A Data & Research-Informed Approach


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Leading DEIS Planning: A Data & Research-Informed Approach

This is a one-year programme that provides an opportunity for participant post-primary DEIS leadership teams to enrich and enhance their individual and collective DEIS planning leadership knowledge, skills and capacity through professional development, reflection, collaboration and practical DEIS planning. It seeks to assist DEIS leadership teams in using data and change/implementation research to generate effective DEIS plans that can bring about real and tangible improvements in their schools.


Over the course of the academic year, school-based DEIS leadership teams are assisted through a comprehensive programme of support which involves four face-to-face CPD days, five online training sessions, in-school support from a PDST Advisor, and engagement in professional learning communities with DEIS leaders from other schools. A developmental approach is taken to the enhancement of participants’ leadership capacity with a focus on collaborative activity, practical application and frequent engagement with the project either in school or at the facilitated sessions.


The Leading DEIS Planning: A Data & Research-Informed Approach programme is constructed on an action learning model built upon a dual foundation of leadership focussed CPD and the practical experience of effective DEIS planning. It seeks to foster and develop a passion and capacity for undertaking leadership roles through collaboration, reflection, dialogue, and the development of professional trust among participants.



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Who is This Programme For?

Each school team consists of one senior leader (principal or DP), the DEIS Coordinator, and the HSCL Coordinator. No prior data, statistical, mathematical or research knowledge is required.


Signing up for this programme requires a commitment on the part of all the participants to full engagement in each of the programme components. This is very much a team-based programme and it is important that each team member plays a full role and supports the other team members.


If numbers exceed available places shortlisting may apply.



Programme Content

The programme is hands-on, practical and relevant to the specific needs of each school. It is not a statistics or data analytics programme, rather it is about putting in place the knowledge and skills to allow school leaders to use the information available to them to inform their professional judgement and school planning and implement them in a successful manner.


Key areas which will be addressed during the programme include:

  • Looking at the WHY behind DEIS planning and DEIS themes.
  • How to work collaboratively for DEIS planning.
  • Identifying appropriate data to inform DEIS planning.
  • How to gather concise and effective data.
  • How to analyse data effectively.
  • Using data to inform target setting and action planning.
  • What research says about putting together effective improvement plans.
  • How to lead successful change initiatives in schools.
  • How to get staff buy-in for DEIS plan implementation.
  • How to monitor and evaluate DEIS plans.


The Benefits 
  • Participants will engage in high-quality professional DEIS planning and leadership development which will enhance their knowledge, skills and capacity.


  • Schools will be supported in implementing effective DEIS planning, target-setting, implementation, monitoring and review.


  • A data and research-informed approach leads to a greater likelihood of DEIS targets being achieved.


  • Improved DEIS planning and implementation resulting in improved outcomes for students.


  • DEIS leadership teams will develop their collaborative and teamworking capacities to the benefit of the school and the students.


  • Participants will have the opportunity to network and connect with other DEIS leadership teams. In so doing, participants benefit from the sharing of best practice, experiences and resources.


  • The programme aims to promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, reflection, innovation and creativity among DEIS leaders and the wider school community.


  • The programme is very much evidence and research-based. Participants will be supported in implementing the use of data and evidence as part of their leadership practice.




For the 2023/2024 school year, this programme will be run in two locations - Dublin and Limerick.



2023/2024 Expression of Interest Form

Schools can apply to take part in the 2023/2024 Leading DEIS Planning: A Data & Research-Informed Approach programme by completing the expression of interest form at this link: https://forms.gle/cZcmYJMiJok7pHEn8

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