Senior Cycle Classical Studies - Curriculum


Leaving Certificate Classical Studies allows for the study of how the classical world of ancient Greece and Rome has influenced and shaped western culture across various fields of human endeavour, including art, architecture, history, archaeology, literature, drama, religion, philosophy and politics. 


This specification aims to stimulate students’ curiosity and interest in these classical civilisations. It aims to  deepen their understanding of the human condition and provides a lens through which they can critically examine aspects of the contemporary world.



The current Leaving Certificate Classical Studies Syllabus to 2022






The New Leaving Certificate Classical Studies Specification will be implemented in September 2021 to fifth year students


The  Leaving Certificate Classical Studies Specification is presented in four inter-related Strands of study: 


1. The world of heroes

2. Drama and spectacle

3. Power and identity

4. Gods and humans



The strands are merely numbered for identification purposes, it does not imply that they must be studied in isolation. It is encouraged that teachers should integrate the experience of the four strands in their classroom to optimise student learning.



This video outlines the four strands of the new specification







Curriculum Specification




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