Teaching, Learning & Assessment


This section outlines the areas of Teaching, Learning and Assessment and the categories reflect the subpages across the Senior Cycle pages. Not all of these will be used in this section, only those that are relevant to SC Geography.



  • Digital Technologies 
  • Key Skills 
  • Literacy & Numeracy 
  • Teaching Methodologies 
  • Assessment


Digital Technologies


Recent years have seen a significant increase in the range and quality of material available online, and through other electronic media, to support the teaching, learning and assessment of Geography.


It is important that all resources used in the classroom be linked to syllabus objectives and adapted to the learning needs of different students.  Possible approaches to improving teaching, learning and assessment through the use of specific digital technologies can be accessed here



Key Skills



Five key skills have been identified as central to teaching and learning across the senior cycle curriculum. These key skills are information processing, being personally effective, communicating, critical and creative thinking, and working with others.  Many of the elements that make up these key skills are already a feature of teaching, learning and assessment of Senior Cycle Geography. 


Ideas for embedding these key skills within the day-to-day teaching, learning and assessment of the Geography classroom can be accessed here.