Supporting Wellbeing


Clarity of messaging in relation to school closures and in relation to  COVID 19


Remember that the messaging in relation to COVID 19 is the responsibility of the various Government agencies who support in this area.


Guidance for parents and schools in relation to talking to children and young people  has been provided here


An archive of past messages and current messages from the Department of Education and Skills is maintained here


Supporting the well-being of the staff 


  • Celebrate small steps; acknowledge and affirm good practice in a challenging situation

  • Provide confidential communication lines to staff to allow them to communicate with school leadership if necessary

  • Consider the benefits of formal and informal communications with staff.. 

  • Make staff aware of the supports available to them, including the EAWP here

  • Use the Teacher Wellbeing section of the PDST site here as a guide and support


Supporting well-being amongst the school community


  • Consider the capacity of the school to provide clarity of message and to amplify national messages at a local level that support the wellbeing of the community.

  • Where appropriate the school may be able to inform the school community of local developments in the current situation.


Supporting the well being of the school leader


  • Maintain and develop existing leadership team networks within the school

  • Maintain contact with existing teacher leader networks outside the school, including IPPN and locally based networks

  • Keep a monitor on work/life balances in the context of working from home. Note the benefits of having a designated workspace which separates work life and home life where possible