STEM Smaointe  


This fortnightly e-bulletin will provide you with supports for planning distance learning in Mathematics, Science and STEM. The Odd One Out and STEM Challenge activities in the e-bulletin can be differentiated to suit all pupils while the Mathematics and Science learning tasks are arranged by class level. 

STEM Smaointe e-Bulletin 1





STEM Smaointe e-Bulletin 2



Infants: Material World

1st & 2nd class: Materials Mission

3rd & 4th class: Materials Detective 

5th & 6th class: Materials Matter

                           Concept Cartoon




STEM Smaointe e-Bulletin 3


Infants: Sound Walk                                                                     Describe the Shape                                                        Banjo'd Shapes 

1st & 2nd class:  Listen up




STEM Smaointe e-Bulletin 4


1st and 2nd      Sort the Scoop

3rd and 4th : Ice cream price lis                         



5th and 6th :  Click Clack Decking

                       Temperature Tour




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STEM Policies  


STEM Education Policy Statement 2017-2026


STEM Education - Implementation Plan 2017-2019


Designing and Integrating STEM 


STEM Learning Experiences: Reflective Checklist 


Whole School STEM Learning Action Plan


Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons:  Article by Dr. Maeve Liston