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This video highlights the importance of our Soil and Soil Science to Agriculture, Crop and Animal production. In this video a 'Good' soil is examined and the properties and characteristics of good fertile soils are examined. Soil test analysis examining nutrient and mineral requirement of soils, soil pH, and their effect on food production is discussed. Soil profile comparisons of Brown Earth, Peat / Organic Soil, Regosol, Podsol and Gley soil are examined and their geographic distribution are discussed.




A comparison of Wet (Forrage) and Concentrate feeds is made and the benefits of each are discussed. The importance of Grassland management in terms of production output along with examining the role of hay, silage and Fodder Beet are explained. Silage test analysis and silage quality is also examined.

Monogastric Digestive System Dissection.
This video examines an example of a monogastric digestive system of that found in a pig. The structure and function of all parts of the digestive system are explained along with the structure and function of the female reproductive organs of a female pig.
Ruminant Digestive System Dissection
This video examines an example of a ruminant digestive system of that found in a lamb. Comparisons to the digestive system of a monogastric animal (pig) are made. The structure and function of all parts of the ruminant digestive system are identified and explained.
Demonstration of the Gerber test for percentage fat in raw milk and cream 
The Gerber test was used to chemically test milk and cream to determine the percentage of fat present before creameries adopted electronic means of calculating fat content of milk and cream samples.
Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Science Education


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