Politics and Society - CPD Resources 2016-18




Introductory meeting with participating schools




Round 1, Day 1 Resources



Round 1, Day 1 Additional Resources
Questions to Consider regarding Rules (NCCA,2016)
Murder Hunt (Ginnis,2002)
Political Beliefs Questionnaire (adaptation from  the TES website  https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/politics-taster-lesson-ideology-6317176 )
Youth Party Scenario (adaptation from www1.curriculum.edu.au)
UN Convention on the Rights of the Children  



Round 1, Day 2 Resources



Round 1, Day 3 Resources



Round 2, Day 1 Resources






Round 2 Day 2
Additional Resources - Video Materials - Please click below.
Rubberbandits's Blindboy tells the Late Late Show that young men with mental health issues 'need feminism'
Gender Inequality Montage
TV Talk Show Women in politics: Interview with VP and MEP Mairead McGuinness, EYMD 2016


Round 2 Day 3 Resources


Round 3 Day 1 Resources
Patriot or Nationalist - SNL - Political Parody
“What is it like to grow up Muslim in Ireland?” (The Irish Times, 28th January, 2017)
Filter Bubble and Echo Chamber


Round 3 Day 2 Resources



Round 3 Day 3 Resources


Round 4 Day 2 Resources

Round 4 Day 3 Resources