Politics and Society





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Politics and Society aims to develop the learner’s capacity to engage in reflective and active citizenship, informed by the insights and skills of social and political sciences.


The changing local, national and global environment presents many challenges and opportunities for young people. It also requires of them a range of skills, knowledge, values and attitudes so that they can achieve their goals in this environment. (Politics and Society Specification)


Senior Cycle Politics and Society was launched, beginning with 41 schools in September 2016. The first cohort of students sat their leaving certificate exam in June of 2018. Politics and Society is now offered in well over one hundred schools nationally, and is being taken up by new schools every year.


Politics and Society is intended to form part of the 2016 legacy, helping students to deepen their understanding of political and social issues, and helping the nation to develop a new generation of leadership across society.  Politics and Society became an option in all post-primary schools in 2018, coinciding with the centenary of Irish women getting the vote for the first time.


Further details relating to Politics and Society on the NCCA website are available via this link.