TY Assessment



“Assessment is an integral part of the Teaching and Learning process”

(Dept. of Ed. Guidelines 1994/5)


The Transition Year Guidelines for Schools (Dept. of Education 1994/95) state:

 Appropriate modes of assessment should be chosen to complement the variety of approaches used in implementing the programme and may include the following :


  • Summative assessment
  • Formative assessment
  • Written , practical, oral and aural assessment
  • Report of Work experience
  • Projects , E Portfolios and exhibitions of Work
  • Pupil diary /Log Book recording personal progress
  • Records of skills and  Key competencies attained.


   The Evaluation of Transition Year by the Inspectorate (1994/1995) states:


  • Inspectors found approaches to assessment varied widely from school to school.In some schools there appeared to be very little extra by way of assessment. This was particularly true of schools where there was not an effective core team in operation.
  • The involvement of teachers, parents, work providers and pupils themselves in pupil assessment procedures could be greatly improved upon in many of the schools offering the programme (Recommendation No. 8).


Planning Assessment 


Sample School Credit System



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