Middle Leadership Programme


Tóraíocht (Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership) was offered in joint partnership by PDST and Maynooth University to aspiring leaders throughout Ireland. The course encouraged colleagues to engage with issues of school leadership together through learning and dialogue, to achieve an overview of the current education system and to recognise the unique contribution that can be made to the lives of the students in their schools.  PGDEL (Tóraiocht) was about exploring the challenges and opportunities involved in school leadership. The course modules centred on the leadership of learning, of people and of the organisation. Time was spent considering the capabilities, personal and professional, contributing to successful, life-enhancing school communities.


Candidates had an opportunity to practice leadership skills through completion of a school-related Action Research project. Assessment during the course was continuous and included a variety of methodologies. The course led to a Level 9 qualification (60 credits) and aimed to enhance the capabilities of teachers in their current work and to support their preparation for future senior leadership positions.

The programme was delivered nationally in Education Centres and in the Education Department at Maynooth University.


Content :


PDST is proud of the many graduates (over 2,000) who successfully graduated from the Toraíocht Programme since its inception in 2007 and of the contribution that the Tóraíocht programme has made to the development of school leaders in its ten years.


Symposium with 3U

From 2015 -2017 PDST and Maynooth University hosted an annual symposium in partnership with Dublin City University and The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland at which students from each professional context made presentations to their peers that highlighted insights into leading improvement in practice in the educational and healthcare work settings.



Each year, in recognition of their success, students who had excelled in their studies and achieved highest final marks on the Tóraíocht programme were presented with awards by NAPD and IPPN.