Post Primary Tanáiste


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Tánaiste is a leadership-training programme for newly appointed Deputy Principals/Acting Deputy Principals which commences in August and concludes in the September of the following academic year.


The programme aims to support Deputy Principals over the course of their first year as senior school leaders. The Tanaiste Programme Team is dedicated to growing participants’ knowledge and confidence as well as key leadership skills and dispositions which will help to sustain them in their new roles.


The Tánaiste programme consists of five separate events spread over the course of 14 months during which participants explore a broad range of topics related to both the day-to-day management and the strategic leadership of their schools which are closely linked to the domains and standards of Looking At Our School 2022.



Tánaiste Testimonials

“The Tanaiste programme is a great opportunity to get to know other new appointees. It builds connections and forges friendships with others. It is very important in countering any feeling of isolation that may come with a new appointment and it brings great comfort to know that you are not alone - that others are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities at the same time as yourself.”


“I was very impressed overall. I thought the presentations were excellent. Meeting other deputy principals informally for a chat at meal times was most helpful and I thank most sincerely the Tánaiste team for giving us this opportunity. It has given me great confidence in my job. The support is excellent.”


“Fantastic opportunity to meet fellow Deputy Principals and discuss strategies for improvement.”   


“It was an excellent programme from start to finish. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate. I looked forward to the sessions and getting a chance to learn about the role and share issues in a constructive way with others on the same journey. The sharing in the group by email was a powerful back up too. Thank you all for all the effort and organisation that went into planning a great course.”


“The Tánaiste Programme has been invaluable to me. The mailing list, training days, excellence of the facilitators and opportunity to meet colleagues made the year enjoyable, enlightening and very worthwhile. A must for any new DP to attend.”