SESE integration

Planning for Integration










If integration is to be meaningful, natural and truly going to allow for knowledge and skills transfer then we have to have some outline of what we intend to do. Like the various models of Integration, there are many ways to plan for it and it will depend on a number of factors including:





  • The subjects involved
  • Time allocated to the unit of work
  • Profile of the class and level
  • The children in front of you and what you want them to learn


This include ssection  the resources for Planning for Integration


  SESE Trails Planning for Integration


Sample Maths & Science Trail

Sample SESE Trail - Infants

Sample SESE Trail - Junior Classes

Sample SESE Trail - 1st & 2nd

Sample SESE Locality Trail - Senior Classes

Sample SESE School Grounds Trail - Senior Classes

Sample SESE School Grounds Trail 2 - Senior Classes

Key steps to constructing a simple sese trail

Suggested SESE integrated themes: infants

Suggested SESE integrated themes: first and second class

Suggested SESE integrated themes: third to sixth class

Blank template for planning of SESE integration

Integrated unit: Geography and Orienteering

Integrated unit: clothes for infants

Integrated unit: homes for first class

Integrated unit: transport for second class

Christmas for first and second class

Simple machines for senior classes