Reading Recovery Training

Applications to take part in Reading Recovery training and facilitation during the 2018/2019 school year have now closed.


All schools who apply for Reading Recovery training 2018/2019 will receive a letter to inform them if their application has been successful or not.  All schools will receive this letter mid/late May.





 Reading Recovery training and accreditation

Training for Reading Recovery teachers is a year long period of change.                 

For Reading Recovery to be effective with the hardest to teach children,

the teacher needs to become a highly-skilled decision maker at every turn of the lesson. 

During the year of training, a teacher is required to work with at least four children at any one time on an individual basis, for half an hour every day. Allowing for record keeping, the time commitment to Reading Recovery is half a school day every day, of which the majority of the time is spent teaching children on an individual basis. Reading Recovery training sessions include two RR lessons taught behind a one-way screen which are observed, analysed and discussed by the group training to become RR teachers.

Following these lessons a more in-depth discussion takes place.  Discussion centres on issues raised following the observed lessons, shared experiences and finally greater theoretical understanding.



 Initial Professional    


  Continuing Professional


Initial Professional Development (IPD) is comprised of 4 assessment training sessions and 18 Initial Professional Development sessions. IPD sessions give practical advice for the implementation of RR in schools, and provide opportunities for teachers to share their individual concerns and experiences. Further support, tailored to the particular needs of the individual teacher and school is provided by a minimum of four to six Reading Recovery Teacher Leader visits to the teacher’s school during the year of training.   On-going professional development is at the heart of Reading Recovery. RR is supported by  six ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) sessions every year subsequent to the initial training year. Teachers will also continue to receive support from the Teacher Leader which includes at least one in-school visit per year.   CPD teachers continue to work with Reading Recovery children on an individual basis and can provide support to approximately 10 Reading Recovery  children each year after their training year.