Problem Solving

Problem Solving



The problem solving workshops run by PDST in local Education Centres across the country endeavour to support teachers in the exploration of problem solving as a central methodology across the mathematics curriculum. The exploration of content, methodologies and skills and the development of mathematical thinking are promoted throughout. The following resources and materials are available to print or download by clicking on the links below.





Workshop 1


Task Cards:

Dice Train

Magic V

Teddy Town

School Fair Necklaces






Workshop 2


Headline Stories

Word Problems



PDST have offered a number of workshops and seminars in the area of Problem Solving. Relevant resources from these sessions can be accessed by clicking the links below:



Former Resources



Session 1



Oral Problems

Mental Maths Problems

Target Board Questions

Number of the day Task Cards





Session 2


Task Cards

Maths Trail Booklet


Task Cards

Maths Trail Booklet

Collaborative Group Work Role Cards

Assessment Booklet

Differentiation Booklet

Maths Journal

Learning Log

ICT and Problem Solving



Supplementary Activities

Junior Maths Trail:

Classroom Trail

Task Card Template

Workshop Task Card

Senior Maths Trail:

Classroom Trail

Task Card Template

Workshop Task Card

Problem Solving

Task Cards

Ideas for Maths Trails

Maths Trail Overviews








Session 3

Problem Solving Checklist

Parents and Maths

Mathematical Terms Glossary

Problem Solving Copybook Checklist

Developing Maths Eyes: Resource Pack

SSE Report & SSE Improvement Plan Template