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NEW Play-based Maths and Science Webinar
Wednesday 22nd January at 7p.m.


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This webinar will explore how playfulness can be infused into the teaching of Maths and Science. As well as discussing child-led play in the Junior Classes, we will look at how playful approaches to Maths and Science can be used throughout the primary school.


Science Week Materials 


You can still access our PDST Scoilnet resources for Science Week investigations into this year’s theme 

Climate Change

Click on the link below to explore some resources  for Junior and Senior classes.


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Our Number Sense Webinar

is now available

on demand

at the link below  

Number Sense Webinar on demand








These Mathematics and Numeracy pages complement the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum, and aim to build capacity in numeracy at school level. The main focus is the promotion and development of number. These pages also explore a wide range of instructional practices which can be applied to all strands and strand units in the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. School Self Evaluation resources for Numeracy are accessible under the Mathematics tab on the right.


PDST numeracy manuals can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the manual.