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The Music curriculum comprises three strands and these strands are further divided into strand units, which provide a means of exploring sounds, listening and responding to music, singing and playing music, notating music, and creating new music. These strands 


  • Listening and responding
  • Performing                     
  • Composing       



Opportunities for the development of a number of musical concepts are presented as children engage with the strands and activities of the Music Curriculum. These include developing a sense of:


  • pulse
  • duration
  • tempo
  • pitch
  • dynamics
  • structure
  • timbre
  • texture
  • style


These curriculum “glance cards” were designed to provide a one-page overview of the content objectives in each strand unit for all class levels. It is not intended that these glance cards replace the curriculum documents but that rather they will provide an immediate snapshot of how particular concepts are developed from infants to sixth class.


Click to view the Music Curriculum ‘at a glance’ in the attachment.

Click here to view Key Messages of the Music Curriculum (Seminar Footage)