PSSI Lessons (overview)


The Physical Education primary school curriculum and the Physical Education teacher guidelines are the key resource for all teachers to support them in implementing a physical education programme in the primary school

  • A suggested list of equipment for physical education is outlined on pp 104 and 105 of the Physical Education teacher guidelines


  • The Primary School Sports Initiative presents a set of support materials for five strand units of the physical education curriculum: Athletics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure Activities. The materials have been designed to assist teachers to implement the primary physical education curriculum. Across four class levels: Infants, first and second class, third and fourth class and fifth and sixth class. A set of lesson plans for each class level for each of the five above mentioned strands is outlined. They aim to facilitate the attainment of the curriculum objectives and include development and progression from lesson to lesson and across the class levels

Please follow this link to access the materials.


These materials are an excellent framework for teachers to adopt in teaching the different strands of the physical education curriculum

  1. Click on the ‘Governing Bodies’ tab of the website
  2. Then click on ‘NGB Sports Investment’
  3. A full list of sports will appear and click on the particular sport you are interested in for further details
  4. A list of websites to support you in the implementation of the physical education curriculum are available for you to download