People living and working in a contrasting part of Ireland

 ‘Local investigations will provide an important reference point for the child with which he/she can compare and contrast other places. T.G. Pg. 64

In Human environments we develop a sense of place and space through the exploration the following sub-units


  • People and communities: people who live and work in area
  • Natural environmental features and people: inter relationship between people and the natural features of an area
  • Settlement: The variety of the built environment-housing, schools, factories etc
  • People at work: economic activities in the area-farming, tourism, services
  • Transport and communications: roads, services, energy, communication (Geography Curriculum pg.54-56)


 From Third – Sixth each class must undertake:

  • A Local Study (study of the Local Area under the sub units of the strand unit) While teachers have made a selection of sub-units per class there is natural linkage between these sub units and they are never done entirely in isolation from each other.
  • A study of a contrasting part of Ireland Teachers in these classes should plan and choose locations together.  These choices must be recorded as part of your whole school plan.



This section includes

 Sample audit for investigating local and contrasting places.This audit will help you to identify the characteristics of your own locality. This grid will also guide you in identifying the characteristics of contrasting places both local and beyond. This grid may be adapted to suit your particular location.