Folk Dance Video Footage

Video footage of children performing the following dances are available for you or your class to view:


Name of Dance Country of Origin Video Link Consider using this dance with
Come to Me - Tar Chugam Westphalia, Germany 1st/2nd 
An Damhsa Mór Ireland 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th
 The Cuckoo Dance - Damhsa na Cuaiche Austria 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th
 Hazelnut Dance Romania 3rd/4th
 The Shoemakers Dance - Damhsa an Ghréasaí Poland 3rd/4th
 German Clap Dance Germany 3rd/4th
 Seige of Ennis - Ionsaí na hInse​ Ireland 3rd/4th
 Harvest Time Jig Ireland 3rd/4th
 Stack of Barley - Staicín Eorna Ireland 5th/6th 
  Rakes of Mallow- Réicí Mhala Ireland 5th/6th 
 French Peasant's Dance France 5th/6th
 La Vinca Italy 5th/6th
 Swing - Luascadh This step is used in many of the Irish Folk Dances From 1st class



  • A Spotify playlist has been created to support teachers in accessing accompanying music.  The playlist can be accessed through the following link after signing up to a free account:

Spotify Folk Dance Playlist