Co-operative games

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Co-operative games: Games are a valuable means of helping children to work together in a caring and co-operative way. They can raise the level of co-operative consciousness and help children to realise what they can learn from each other. Games include all children and they give children the opportunity to practice a range of skills, to be a member of a team, to raise their self-esteem and to be effective group members. Some of the most valuable work takes place during the discussion that follows these co-operative games and time needs to be given to this important element of the activity. Games provide an opportunity for having fun while learning and create a more relaxed atmosphere in the class. They range from active games that require space for movement to quieter board games and table activities that can be used in the classroom.


The approaches and methodologies for SPHE, outlined in the SPHE teacher guidelines on pp 54-99 are an excellent reference for teachers to support them in the implementation of active learning methodologies in SPHE lessons

The following exemplars illustrate how various aspects of the SPHE content can be explored using a variety of cooperative games

  • Co-operative game for Infants: p 66. Sample co-operative game linking to the strand unit relating to others
  • Co-operative game for fourth to sixth class: p67. Sample co-operative game linking to the strand unit relating to others


Please find attached further resources to support you in implementing co-operative games

  • Co-operative games in the primary school: An article from the ‘In Touch’ magazine outlining a variety of co-operative games suitable for use in both PE and SPHE classes
  • Co-operative games: A handout outlining a variety of co-operative games including games in the circle work context, physical and co-operative challenges and parachute activities, suitable for use with all class levels
  • Co-operative games suitable for circle time: A handout outlining a variety of games, which may be suitable for use at the beginning or end of a circle work lesson, or which can be used in the classroom