New: Webinar Primary Language Curriculum


Primary Language Webinar

Follow this link to our webinar giving an overview of the Primary Language Curriculum



Primary language curriculum webinar

The webinar contains rich animation, multimedia and video so a good broadband connection and modern laptop/PC is advisable. We strongly recommend that you test the webinar before any planned CPD to ensure that it works with your setup as expected.


This is a simplified, non-interactive plain video version - should you have any broadband or other difficulties with the streaming webinar



This is a full copy of the streaming webinar for offline use. If, for example you plan to view/show in a room with poor/no internet access, you can run this version after downloading, without any internet access. For best results, download the .zip file to a folder on your desktop; unzip the file into this folder and double-click the file called presentation.html to launch the webinar.


Please see flyer for more details on seminars in your local area.