Scratch - as Gaeilge

PDST have teamed up with LERO and the Scratch team at MIT to provide for an interface as Gaeilge (rinne Íde Ruaidh an t-aistriúchán) and this will be integrated into the new Scratch 2.0  in due course. In the meantime, you can manually install the file below (using extension .po) into Scratch's locale folder, and it should be possible to choose in Scratch's menu using the process below.

1. Download the Scratch ga.po file below (by clicking on the blue arrow to the right of the screen)

2. Save the new file in the following location - 

  •  C drive
  •  Program Files
  •  Scratch
  •  locale folder

3. Open Scratch

4. Your language should now show up in Scratch's Language menu in the top left corner

**You will need to log-in with administrator permissions on your computer**

Binary Data ga.po66.82 KB