Science and ICT


Strand Information & Interactive Strand Unit - Objective


Living Things





Human Life - Human Eye


Human Life - Teeth


Human Life – Brain


Human Life – Ear


Human Life – Diet / Nutrition


Human Life - Respiration


Human Life – Skeletal System


Human Life - Muscles



Plant Life - Categories


Plant Life – Parts of Flowering Plant


Plant Life – Growth


Plant Life – Life Cycle 


Plant Life - Photosynthesis



Animal Life – Life Cycle of Frogs


Animal Life - Insects


Animal Life - Habitats 


Animal Life – Food Chains



*Structure of Human Eye


*Interactive Mouth Constructor


*Features of Human Brain


*Inside the Human Ear


*Investigate Diet


*Interactive Breathing Activity


*Investigate Skeletal System


*Muscle Functions



*Categorise Plants


*Label Flower Parts


*Plant Growth


*Life Cycle of the Plant


*Interactive Photosynthesis



*Life Cycle of the Frog


*Categorise Insects


*Investigate Habitats


*Interactive Food Chains




Energy & Forces


Light – Sources


Light - Shadows


Light – Reflection


Light – Prism & Dispersion


Sound - Changing Sounds



Sound & Hearing


Heat – Conduction, Convection & Radiation


Heat – Transfer


Magnetism – Facts / Activities


Magnetism - Properties


Magnetism – Attract / Repel



Electricity – Facts / Activities


Electricity – Simple Circuits


Electricity – Circuit Experiments


Electricity  - In our Daily Lives



Forces - Friction


Forces – Slopes / Gradients


Forces – Motion / Levers



* Sources of Light


* Shadow Investigation


*Reflection of Light


*Interactive Prism


*Changing Pitch



*Human Ear & Sound


*Interactive Heat Quiz



*Interactive Heat Transfer


*Materials in our World


*Magnetic Properties


*Magnets Tutorial



*Energy Themepage


*Investigate Circuits


*Build Circuits


*Sources of Electrical Energy





*Forces Experiment


*Forces Investigation








Properties / Characteristics  – Common Materials


Materials & Change – Solids, Liquids & Gases


Materials & Change - Effects


Materials & Change – Reversible & Irreversible





*Materials in our World



*Changing State



*Changing Matter


*Reversible & Irreversible Changes


Environmental Care


Science & Environment - Inventors


Environmental Awareness - Pollution


Environmental Awareness – Environment & Energy


Care for the Environment – Energy Town


Care for the Environment – Energy Conversation



*Famous Scientists




*Renewable Energy



*Energy in our Locality



*Energy Conservation