SPHE : Strand, Strand Unit & ICT Link

    Descriptor of Resource & Objective






  • Recognise and appreciate that each person is a unique individual and that this individuality is expressed in many different ways
  • Recognise and examine behaviour that is conducive to health and that which is harmful to health
  • Identify and discuss the changes that are experienced in growing from child to adult
  • Explore rules and regulations at home, in school and in society and the importance of adhering to them
  • Acquire a growing sense of the importance of making informed decisions at many levels and identify some of the decisions he/she has to make



Myself & Others



  • Explore what belonging to a family means
  • Explore the importance of friendship and interacting with others and realise that making and changing friends is part of the natural process of growing
  • Explore and practise the many verbal and non-verbal ways in which people communicate with each other


Myself & The Wider World





  • Explore the concept of the class or school as a community
  • Explore and understand how information is conveyed and practise relaying messages using a variety of methods