Forbairt is a professional development programme for experienced school leaders. It is designed for Principal and Deputy Principal working as a team. Leadership and Planning (PDST) recognises that being a school leader is very challenging. The Forbairt programme seeks to help leaders to meet these challenges by developing their personal and professional capabilities or capacities. Forbairt consists of:


  • Attendance at two residential modules (one at the beginning and one at the end, with three one-day modules in between)
  • Attendance at three one-day modules
  • Engaging in school based action 
  • Taking part in an Action Learning Group which meets three times during the course of the programme
  • One school visit from PDST Personnel to support your leadership of the school based action


Please note: Deputy Principals may not enrol on the Forbairt programme unless accompanied by their Principal  


Forbairt focuses on four main themes of Leadership: